Competition Rules for Entry

Competition Rules for Entry

f4 Group Internal Competition Rules for Entry – Projected images

Each digital image should be submitted in the following format:

• Images must be submitted as JPEGs at maximum image quality (12 in Photoshop), and at a resolution no greater than 300 ppi.
• Images must be in the proper orientation for viewing when projected.
• The maximum size for landscape horizontal pictures is to be 1600 pixels wide.
• The maximum size for vertical portrait or square pictures is to be 1200 pixels high.
• These dimensions are the maximum allowed and will include borders if used.
• Each image will use the specified filename procedure, incorporating their personal competition number, eg 01057, 02057, 03057 where 01 is the image number, and 057 is the member’s number.
• This should be followed by the image title, with spaces denoted by the underscore character, for example 01057_autumn_trees_cragside.
• All images used must be entirely the own work of the member.

Your image files should be uploaded to Dropbox within a folder, named after the title of the competition round, no later than midnight on the Sunday prior to the Thursday date of the competition.
The deadline for submitting entries to the Summer Outings and Annual Trip competitions is no later than midnight 2 Sundays prior to the Thursday date of the competition. This is to allow submission of images to an external judge.
The maximum number of images to be entered is 3 for both ‘set’ and ‘open’ subjects.

f4 Group Internal Competition Rules for Entry – Prints

• The print competitions will be open to prints to a maximum size of 50cm x 40cm including the mount. There is no minimum size.
• The maximum number of prints to be entered is 3 for both ‘set’ and ‘open’ subjects.
• A label on the back should include your member competition number and the print title only.
• It is a condition of entry that all prints must be accompanied by a JPEG image file, at the same resolution and size as required for Pdi competitions.
• Print entries will not be accepted without these image files being uploaded into Dropbox as per criteria for Pdi competitions.

Dropbox – the Submission of Image Files into the Competitions

To enter your images into our club competitions relies on uploading them into a personal cloud storage service called ‘Dropbox’, which is a well-known application used for file sharing. On joining, members will be given every assistance to enter and make use of this facility. This will be used dor both Pdi and Print round entries.

The link for opening a Dropbox account is on the Links page.

Failure to meet these conditions will lead to entries being disallowed.